Dolly Foundation International started as a local non-governmental organization
in Assin Foso, Central Region, Ghana, and West Africa.

The organization was formed in January 2009, it got registered in June 2010
with Registrar General Department and social welfare department.

At dawn, as I lay on my bed and reflecting on my life, I found a secret and a hard truth about myself. I realised that there is nothing exciting and interesting about my life that makes me happy   that I would want to hold on to.
I begun to think about how you (friends of Dolly foundation) and myself have positively impacted the society, I felt a great sense of joy then I realised my passion lies in my job thus the smiles I leave on  the faces of people through the work I do.
Dear friend, my happiness and joy is rooted in the community work I do. I AM THE COMMUNITY AND THE COMMUNITY IS ME. I love every individual who gives me the chance to be a part of their life through my work. I wake up every morning knowing that I have been tasked with a new opportunity of putting a smile on your faces. I love you all and I am honoured to serve you as we hold hands in making our lives better.  - Rosina Akourkor Teye

Our Vision

To contribute to the effort towards the well-being of women and children.

Our Mission

Empower the women and children to contribute to sustainable development of the nation.

Our Objectives

To help eradicate poverty among women by providing employable skills and in house training and workshops. [Read More]