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Our programs are financed by donations and fundraising events.You can help us provide these programs in our communities and other places to make a difference in someone’s  life

WILDAF GHANA  – http://www.wildafghana.org

The pan-African WiLDAF network was conceived through a conference entitled “Women, Law and Development: Networking for Empowerment in Africa” held in Harare, Zimbabwe, home to its present day secretariat. The aim of the conference was to establish an organization that promotes and strengthens a society that strives to empower women and improve their status in Africa. Since its inception in 1990, the network has grown to encompass 31 countries, over 500 organizations and over 1200 individual members. In order to effectively co-ordinate and manage these numbers, several sub-regional offices has since been established in Southern, Eastern and Western Africa.

West Africa’s sub-regional office, located in Lomo, Togo oversees 8 networks including: Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo. At the national and international levels, the WiLDAF network lobbies for laws that promote women’s rights. At the local level, WiLDAF Ghana, offers free legal counseling as well as training legal literacy to volunteers in Ghana’s Central and Eastern regions.

Having identified ignorance as one of the factors that hinder the development of women, WiLDAF-Ghana has embarked on a rights awareness programme in the country to address some of the issues. WiLDAF’s key area of work can simply be described as awareness creation and protection of the rights of women in Ghana. Currently in Ghana, there are a handful of organizations that are carrying out legal education. No organization, however, is doing the kind of paralegal training that WiLDAF is engaged in. The few legal education programmes that exist do not reach every part of the country; the WiLDAF programme, by training people from the various districts in the regions, is able to extend its coverage to many more people. So far, of the nine regions within Ghana in which the training has been completed, nearly 80% of the districts have been covered.

Our Mission: WiLDAF Ghana empowers women by promoting their rights and increasing their influence in private and public spheres. This is done through strategies that link law and development.

Our Vision: A Ghana, where women’s rights are respected, promoted and protected.

Internal/Organizational Vision: A leader in women’s rights promotion and protection

Our Values: Mutual respect, Collaboration Transparency Commitment Accountability and Equity and fairness. We believe that legal rights are intrinsically related to sustainable development, and we recognise that in order to improve the lives of African women their rights must be protected, promoted, and respected. WiLDAF Ghana believes that empowering women must involve educating them about their rights and increasing both their access to justice and their participation in decision-making structures. We are committed to achieving these goals through cooperation with our growing network of partners and constructive engagement with governmental agencies and international bodies.