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Our Projects

The current health system in Ghana is unfair and inefficient. Every Ghanaian citizen pays for the NHIS through VAT, but as many as 82% remain excluded. Twice as many rich people are signed up to the NHIS as poor people. 64% of the rich are registered compared with just 29% of the poorest. With only approximately 5 USD the poorest get access to the health care system for 1 year.

Short Summary

Rosina Akourkor Teye is a Founder and the Executive Director of Dolly Foundation a non-governmental organization based at Assin Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana. Dolly Foundation operational areas are on Health, Education and Economic Empowerment.

Operation Spare Your Lunch and Save a Child Life. Operation Spare your Lunch and Save a Child Life project is to make health service accessible to poor mother who cannot register their children into the National health Insurance. Mothers and children living in remote or marginalized communities in the central region of Ghana. Identify pregnant women and educated them on the need to attend ante –natal. Ascertain whether the provision of the NHIS card for children could reduce the child mortality rate in the region.

With cash DONATION of $5, a child in Ghana can access free health service for a period of One Year, the same amount of $5 can pay for a Lunch. We believe that if contributors give their one day Lunch money as donation, they could give a child one year registration of free health service.

What We Need & What You Get

Operation Spare Your Lunch and Save a Child Life project seek to raise $5000 dollars to register 1000 babies into the National Health Insurance Scheme. Could you believe that even if you do not eat and spare your Lunch money for the week of this project, you could have fasted for a few hours and it has spiritual and health benefit. Your spare your Lunch Money to make health access to a Child for a year and your get instance benefit which is spiritual and health. With this cause, any amount raise could still make a difference in a child health Life.

The Impact: The impact of a combination of Primary Health Care  intervention activities on child survival, growth, morbidity and mortality is the provision of basic essential drugs and supplies for the treatment of common childhood diseases, treatment of the sick child, growth monitoring, health education, provision of antenatal services, family planning, training and supervision of Community Health Workers in Ghana. These activities in their totality have had significant impact on morbidity and mortality in children under five.

Dolly Foundation has already register 350 children into the scheme. Despite significance reduction in maternal, infant and under five mortality rates in Ghana, it is unlikely that the 2015 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets could be met. Ghana could achieve the targets if effective maternal and child survival interventions were increased.

The need for this project is to help pay for the medical bills of children through the registration of children into the National Health Insurance.

  • Expected Result
  • Improved health of children
  • Increased number of children already enjoying the National Health Insurance
  • Public education – mother’s become aware of the need to take their wards to hospital
  • strengthened and stabilize to ongoing development initiatives supporting Millennium Development Goal 4

Other Ways You Can Help: We seek individuals to help raise the fund. Those who cannot donate could paste this link on their face book wall, other social platform and encourage others to donate. You can also volunteer on line by spreading and making noise about this fundraising campaign.

You can contact Rosina Teye Director of Dolly Foundation on +233206742021 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Publication: http://www.spyghana.com/saving-little-can-change-childs-life-today/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Saveachildlifeprogramme/

For supporting us via money  please find the following details:-

Dolly Foundation, Agricultural Development Bank , 3021000046592001,

Branch: – Assin Foso, Central Region – Ghana, Africa

Important Note:-  Cheque / Demand Draft to be drawn in favor of: “DOLLY FOUNDATION” and Mailed to

“Dolly Foundation-Ghana”; Mission Street, MS 35, P. O. Box AF 25, Assin Foso, in the Central Region of Ghana,West Africa