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About:To build a strong and dynamic Civil Society Umbrella Organization that will contribute to building Ghana free of diseases and ill-health.
Mission:To positively influence health policy as well as practice and empower our member organizations to ensure quality health for all people living in Ghana.

Acknowledging the important role NGOs play especially in reaching undeserved communities, the vulnerable and marginalized in society, in February 1998, health partners met in Dakar, Senegal to discuss modalities that would lead to partnership among Governments, Non-governmental Organizations and World Health Organization (WHO) in the Africa Region. The meeting was entitled ‘International Conference in partnership between Governments, Non-governmental Organization and the World Organizations’. The outcome was the development of a strategic framework that will guide tripartite co-operation between the three partners on one hand and other stakeholders in health delivery on the other hand.

As a followed up on these recommendation, Ghana Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Health was established in March 2000. These were mainly in response to the call by the Ministry of Health and other partners to effectively co-ordinate the efforts of NGOs, and enhance their capacity to play a significant role in healthcare delivery in Ghana. Its members are made of local and international NGOs & Civil Society Organization involved in the provision of health services in Ghana.

The Structure of the Coalition

The Coalition is governed by a constitution and has the following in its organizational structure:

The General Assembly, which is made of representatives of the entire registered member NGOs, meets annually to vote upon proposals presented by the Board of Trustees. It is the highest decision making body and the authority that approves programmes, budget, constitutional changes and all matters of policy. It also provides a forum for exchanges of ideas and agreement upon the way forward. At the Annual General Meeting, the General Assembly empowers the National Board of Trustees to oversee the implementations of all approved budgets, programmes and activities of the coalition.

Board of Trustees, which is made up of 10 Regional Chairpersons of the Coalition, and 5 elected Executives from regular member NGOs every 3 years at /National Annual General Meeting. This National Board of Trustees is mandated to govern and oversee the affairs of the Coalition on behalf of member Organizations.

The Management runs the day-to-day administrative and programmatic activities of the Coalition based on the approvals and supervision of the National Board of Trustees as mandated by the General Assembly. This is made up of a technical/programmatic Coordinator, who heads the secretariat staff, then a Finance/Administrative Manager, Administrative/Office Assistants.


  • To foster coalition building. Networking and information sharing among NGOs in health in Ghana and elsewhere.
  • To lead NGOs in health to advocate and campaign for quality health care for all.
  • To influence policy and decision on health of the society.
  • To explore avenues to improve relationships with other partners.
  • To strengthen capacity of NGOs in health, especially member organization.
  • To promote research for health development.


Open to all NGOs and other CSOs in health both local and international, operating in Ghana.